As lot of you might have seen already that look and feel of Library has been changed in Office 365, have a look below


But I am writing today about Excel Survey which I think is quite useful and simple to use. Click the new button at top and you will find a option called Excel Survey. It will ask you to enter questions and options which is quite intuitive. Just add questions as per you wish and select differnt column types to make a real good survey.

excelsurveyoption addquestion

I just added one question as example, good part is that you can Share Survey and it can be accessed by Guest Contributors as well.

Click Share Survey at bottom and link will take you to a nice User Interface to take the survey. All data gets stored in excel automatically


The only issue I found out was that when you share first time you get a link which takes you to the survey but next time if you want to open excel and share you will get link to normal online excel. Probably it will be sorted out later






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