Learn how to use conditional formatting to customize SharePoint or Microsoft List forms. Bascially you can show or hide columns based on conditional values of other columns.

Check the video below to understand how it works, you can also read the transcript below


Hello and welcome all to this new series and also first video of the series where we will go through a Microsoft 365 topic. Today’s topic is related to Microsoft Lists and specifically how to show or hide columns based on conditional formatting.

Conditional formatting is a concept which has been introduce recently in Lists and has gained lot of popularity for formatting list column, views, coloring, text formatting etc. Microsoft recently has added lot of options around this but the I will be showing today how to hide or show columns in forms based on value of other columns.

For this example I have created a “Content scheduler” Microsoft list where I am storing when to publish content for my YouTube videos, I have added two items and my objective is to show column “Published Link” when status is “Ready to publish” OR “Published” because the link is not yet ready in other cases, very simple.

If you want to learn how to create a list please go through my another blog, refer here: https://synkventures.com/2020/07/29/m…

So let’s start with this. The same formula works in all 3 forms that is new , edit and view =if([$Status]==’Ready to publish’ ||[$Status]==’Published’,’true’, ‘false’)

You can see that I have here used OR parameter and similarly you can also use AND or NOT operator. It is important to put a logic which is applicable of handling all forms. It took sometime for me to get the OR operator right but finally it worked.

There are certain limitations such as below column types cannot be used in conditional formatting

  • Person columns with multiple selections
  • Multiple choice column
  • Time calculations in DateTime column
  • Currency columns
  • Location columns
  • Calculated columns
  • Managed Metadata columns

Before this feature was added in SharePoint online we had to rely on Power Apps or SPFx development which I think was an over kill for such a thing but now this is available OOB and this really adds value to Microsoft Lists.

So ya that’s it in this video if you have any questions or suggestions please reach out to me in Twitter, Linked in or in YouTube comments, please share the video and subscribe the channel if you like it.

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