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In this vlog following topic is covered

Microsoft Teams Tool kit for Visual Studio- First look

  • Prerequisites
  • Installation
  • How to work with it?
  • How to approve in Microsoft Teams Admin?
  • How to update?

Transcript of the video

Hello and welcome to the series ‘Let’s Learn a Microsoft 365 topic’, today’s topic is “Microsoft Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio – First look”.

In this video I will explain what are the prerequisites for developing Apps for Teams, how the installation process looks like , how to work with it and how to approve submitted Apps in Teams Admin and finally How to update it? So let’s get started.

First thing is prerequisites:

1. Enable Developer Preview: You can do this in Teams Desktop client or Web client by clicking your profile picture and selecting About then Developer preview.

2. ASP.NET Web Development module has been added in Visual Studio, this you need to make sure hen you install Visual Stdio else you can add it from Visual Studio installed

3. Enable Custom Apps in Teams Admin in Org-Wide settings, login to Teams Admin and select “Teams Apps” from left menu, click on Manage apps and from right side click “Org-wide app settngs”, then allow Custom Apps. Installation: You can go to URL… for download and install.

Installation is pretty simple you just download and install, make sure your Visual Studio is upto date, You cannot Visual Studio 2017 so you need atleast Visual Studio 2019, I am using an Enterprise version but I am very sure that it will work with Community Edition as well Next step is how to work with:

So after installation Open Visual Studio 2019 and select Teams App and you will see that Scaffolding is already built.

For starters best is to select Personal Tab and let the project be created, once done I will update “development.json” file to point to m blog site “” as I want to load this site in my personal tab. You might have noticed that we have the Teams ToolKit page which makes it really simple to upload an App to Teams catalog where Admins can approve or reject the submitted Apps. In this video you will also find the steps to approve or reject Apps submitted and also how to update an App.

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