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In this video I discuss / highlight five topics related to Microsoft 365 from last week

1. Considerations for optimized performance in Power Apps A great article you should definitely read if you are going to create enterprise level Power Apps to understand what things to consider with respect to data source and connectors…

2. Power Platform Weekly Issue Newsletter: A great selection of articles and easy way to be updated on Power Platform topics. Go read it and also subscribe…

3. Speed up npm install – Sergei Sergeev Great discussion how to speed up npm install…

4. Power Apps Editable Excel like Table – Reza Dorrani As usual great video from Reza explaining how to create editable excel like or SharePoint Grid style table…

5. Azure Logic APP API Call Save a file to BLOB Storage – Gregor Suttie A great small blog from Gregor where he uses Logic App API call to csv file and store it in Blob storage, Link:

#LogicApps #PowerApps#npm #PowerPlatform #SharePoint #Microsoft365 #Microsoft

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