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In this video I talk about 5 topics

1. Launch of Festive Tech Calendar Follow Cloud Family and for new videos all December. there will be one video from my side as well…

2. Create single sign-on authentication for tab apps with Microsoft Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code… Teams Toolkit First look:…

3. Self-service Microsoft Form for external guests to use Power App – John Liu Great blog from John Liu for a practical situation that is adding a a guest user of Power App to Tenant…

4. 6 Power BI Reports for Microsoft Teams Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) – Tom Arbuthnot Nice description from Tom about Power BI reports from Teams Call Quality Dashboard…

5. Use the Page Diagnostics for SharePoint tool…

#Festivetechcalendar #SSO #MicrosoftTeams #Teams #Power App #Microsoft Form #Diagnostic Tool #Dashboard

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