In this video I explain how to use Microsoft Graph in SharePoint Development Framework (SPFx) to show Microsoft Teams information such as ID and Display name of user who is logged in.

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It uses NoJavaScript Framework. Source code is available here:…

Video covers following:

1. Demo of the App

2. Prerequisites

3. Simple steps – Node.js console

4. Code overview

  • Simple Steps – Node.js console
  • Create a folder – md spfx-graphAPI
  • Get to the folder – cd spfx-graphAPI
  • Use Yeoman SharePoint Framework Generator
  • Answer question as below – yo @microsoft/sharepoint
  • What is your solution name?: spfx-graphAPI
  • Do you want to allow the tenant admin the choice of being able to deploy the solution to all sites immediately without running any feature deployment or adding apps in sites?: Yes
  • Which type of client-side component to create?: WebPart
  • What is your Web part name?: SP Graph API
  • Which framework would you like to use?: No JavaScript framework
  • Use Microsoft Graph type declarations – npm install @microsoft/microsoft-graph-types

#spfx #microsoftgraph #sharepointdevelopment #development #SharePoint

Explains how to use Microsoft Graph in SharePoint Development Framework

This extension illustrates the following concepts:

  • Call Microsoft Graph from SPFx App
  • Capture Microsoft Teams details
  • Display infomation

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