GigJam a first hand review and and how it works #Office365 #GigJam

GigJam is build on the philosophy of “Who sees what”, basically as Microsoft says “It’s your Gig”. You can share documents , information, calendar etc. with set of people, it’s different in the aspect that you can decide what part of a document you want to share with whom.

You can decide how much information, part of a document needs to be shared and also for how long. This is quite powerful if you want to take an opinion about something but you don’t want to share all the information yet or you want to share some part of a documentation with customer but not the whole document.

Let’s dive in to find out how it works, first of all to have GigJam it should have been enabled by your Office 365 Admin. Strangely in Microsoft documentation on this page Enable GigJam it says you need to go to Settings –> Services & Add.ins but in Office 365 Admin that is not the way it is.

You have to go to Settings –> Apps as shown below


Once done you need to download GigJam, you can download it on Windows 8 or later, MAC and iOS devices from here Download GigJam.

Once download you can install and login via your Office 365 account, you will see blank canvas like screen as below


It has an add symbol on right bottom, speak button as you can also instruct GigJam to work for you and also hamburger menu on top left.

By default date is selected as GigJam title, plus symbol is used to add content (card) and you have variety of selection available viz Gmail, OneDrive etc. the list is extensive which is quite good.

plusgigjam In this case I am selecting OneDrive for Business and I will add some document from there, you will have to login as in when you select a Card or you can also predefined Sources.

carddetailsgigjam sourcesgigjam

Select a document which you would like to share as Gig and then use the G symbol at top to mark what you want to share. The document has multiple pages but I am gonna share only some part of it. You can send to any valid email address of Microsoft or Gmail, the user just needs to have GigJam installed. Here I am sending to Gmail addresses.

Share GigJam with users and mark what you want to share

Once you click send button you can select if you would like to share for 24 hours or only view or work with you on this.


Once sent user will get an email like below

gigjamemail When you Jump In the Gig will open, you will have option to put in comments which other user can see, it also shows that it will expire in 24 hours.

So this is how it works, it can very useful for business as we always get questions like this from business to share information from outside organization and also limited information. User Interface is intuitive and easy to use. Since it works with Google account as it’s a great plus.