Last week in Microsoft 365 – 29 Oct – 04 Nov 2020 – VLog 4

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In this VLog I have covered following topics

  • Matt-Collins 366 days video streak
  • SharePoint Roadmap Pitstop Oct 2020 – Mark Kashman
  • Extend SPFx solution testability – Marcin Wojciechowski
  • GA Microsoft To Do API in Microsoft Graph – Microsoft 365 Dev team
  • What’s new in Microsoft Teams?  – Oct 2020

Hello and welcome all to series “Last week in Microsoft 365”, this is the fourth video in this series in and we have 5 topics to be highlighted this week which I liked.

1. First one is something which really inspired me when I saw this post from Matt-Collins about his 366 days video streak on YouTube and me being a new YouTuber it was great to see someone else success in this area so a big shout put to Matt-Collins of putting this through so do visit his YouTube page and check awesome videos. You can also follow him on Twitter, his videos is mostly about Dynamics 365 and Power Platform


2. Second topic is SharePoint Roadmap pitstop Oct 2020 from Mark Kashman, since the last week also was month end which means we have bunch of Roadmap Pitstops. In this you also have Podcast where Mark talks to Harsh about new file sharing experience in teams channels, chats and also some other bunch of updates


3. So the third one is which I saw on Twitter from Marcin where he has created a test sample projects for SP Developers which means how to create stubs to test out your app or web part like an example he has given to simulate Mock Order and Mock User provider, so have a look, I think this has good use case for testing.


4. The fourth one is General Availability of To Do API In Microsoft Graph API which is a great news as I believe lot of people might have been waiting for this, it’s a bunch of CRUD operations on Tasks list and linked resources


5. The last one today is an article “What’s new in Microsoft Teams?”, this is a collection of bunch of things announced in Microsoft Teams so let’s have a look into some of these.


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