Synk Venture believes critics are your best friends, we do constructive evaluation to evolve an idea, review a product or review a platform. We help you to refine your idea to a Start Up, Product to a success and help you build a sustainable platform.

  1. Idea evaluation : Every company starts with an idea, it has a potential to reach heights if you nurture it well, we help you to refine idea. Evaluation will help you see things which you have not thought of or blind-sided by the love of it. Read more Contact us
  2. Product evaluation : Product launches are key to success of a company but have you evaluated it before the lauch, you must have tested it for sure but how about evaluating it. We with team of experts evaluate Products to weed out the inefficiencies, strategical mistakes and increase probability of success. Read more Contact us
  3. Platform evaluation : How often your company has been a victim of sudden server issues, platform issues? To forsee this time to time evaluation is needed not by the persons who have created it or maintain it but by an trusted outsider that is us and that is what Synk Ventures deliver constructively. Read more Contact us
  4. Process evaluation : A good process results in a successful and sustainable department, we at Synk Ventures do process evaluations to improve it and make more sustainable. Supply Chain or R&D department or any other there is always an scope of improvement. Our process and domian consultantns will help you create more sustainable processes. Read more Contact us