Use Microsoft Graph in SharePoint Development Framework (SPFx) – Let’s Learn a M365 topic vlog 9

In this video I explain how to use Microsoft Graph in SharePoint Development Framework (SPFx) to show Microsoft Teams information such as ID and Display name of user who is logged in.

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It uses NoJavaScript Framework. Source code is available here:…

Video covers following:

1. Demo of the App

2. Prerequisites

3. Simple steps – Node.js console

4. Code overview

  • Simple Steps – Node.js console
  • Create a folder – md spfx-graphAPI
  • Get to the folder – cd spfx-graphAPI
  • Use Yeoman SharePoint Framework Generator
  • Answer question as below – yo @microsoft/sharepoint
  • What is your solution name?: spfx-graphAPI
  • Do you want to allow the tenant admin the choice of being able to deploy the solution to all sites immediately without running any feature deployment or adding apps in sites?: Yes
  • Which type of client-side component to create?: WebPart
  • What is your Web part name?: SP Graph API
  • Which framework would you like to use?: No JavaScript framework
  • Use Microsoft Graph type declarations – npm install @microsoft/microsoft-graph-types

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Explains how to use Microsoft Graph in SharePoint Development Framework

This extension illustrates the following concepts:

  • Call Microsoft Graph from SPFx App
  • Capture Microsoft Teams details
  • Display infomation

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Microsoft Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio- First look – Let’s learn a M365 Topic Vlog 3

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In this vlog following topic is covered

Microsoft Teams Tool kit for Visual Studio- First look

  • Prerequisites
  • Installation
  • How to work with it?
  • How to approve in Microsoft Teams Admin?
  • How to update?

Transcript of the video

Hello and welcome to the series ‘Let’s Learn a Microsoft 365 topic’, today’s topic is “Microsoft Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio – First look”.

In this video I will explain what are the prerequisites for developing Apps for Teams, how the installation process looks like , how to work with it and how to approve submitted Apps in Teams Admin and finally How to update it? So let’s get started.

First thing is prerequisites:

1. Enable Developer Preview: You can do this in Teams Desktop client or Web client by clicking your profile picture and selecting About then Developer preview.

2. ASP.NET Web Development module has been added in Visual Studio, this you need to make sure hen you install Visual Stdio else you can add it from Visual Studio installed

3. Enable Custom Apps in Teams Admin in Org-Wide settings, login to Teams Admin and select “Teams Apps” from left menu, click on Manage apps and from right side click “Org-wide app settngs”, then allow Custom Apps. Installation: You can go to URL… for download and install.

Installation is pretty simple you just download and install, make sure your Visual Studio is upto date, You cannot Visual Studio 2017 so you need atleast Visual Studio 2019, I am using an Enterprise version but I am very sure that it will work with Community Edition as well Next step is how to work with:

So after installation Open Visual Studio 2019 and select Teams App and you will see that Scaffolding is already built.

For starters best is to select Personal Tab and let the project be created, once done I will update “development.json” file to point to m blog site “” as I want to load this site in my personal tab. You might have noticed that we have the Teams ToolKit page which makes it really simple to upload an App to Teams catalog where Admins can approve or reject the submitted Apps. In this video you will also find the steps to approve or reject Apps submitted and also how to update an App.

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Last week in Microsoft 365 – 29 Oct – 04 Nov 2020 – VLog 4

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In this VLog I have covered following topics

  • Matt-Collins 366 days video streak
  • SharePoint Roadmap Pitstop Oct 2020 – Mark Kashman
  • Extend SPFx solution testability – Marcin Wojciechowski
  • GA Microsoft To Do API in Microsoft Graph – Microsoft 365 Dev team
  • What’s new in Microsoft Teams?  – Oct 2020

Hello and welcome all to series “Last week in Microsoft 365”, this is the fourth video in this series in and we have 5 topics to be highlighted this week which I liked.

1. First one is something which really inspired me when I saw this post from Matt-Collins about his 366 days video streak on YouTube and me being a new YouTuber it was great to see someone else success in this area so a big shout put to Matt-Collins of putting this through so do visit his YouTube page and check awesome videos. You can also follow him on Twitter, his videos is mostly about Dynamics 365 and Power Platform


2. Second topic is SharePoint Roadmap pitstop Oct 2020 from Mark Kashman, since the last week also was month end which means we have bunch of Roadmap Pitstops. In this you also have Podcast where Mark talks to Harsh about new file sharing experience in teams channels, chats and also some other bunch of updates


3. So the third one is which I saw on Twitter from Marcin where he has created a test sample projects for SP Developers which means how to create stubs to test out your app or web part like an example he has given to simulate Mock Order and Mock User provider, so have a look, I think this has good use case for testing.


4. The fourth one is General Availability of To Do API In Microsoft Graph API which is a great news as I believe lot of people might have been waiting for this, it’s a bunch of CRUD operations on Tasks list and linked resources


5. The last one today is an article “What’s new in Microsoft Teams?”, this is a collection of bunch of things announced in Microsoft Teams so let’s have a look into some of these.


Episode 1 Link:…

Episode 2 Link:

Episode 3 Link:

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Last week in Microsoft 365 – 22 Oct – 28 Oct 2022 – VLog 3

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In this VLog I have covered following topics

  • Teams reached 115 million daily activer users (DAU) – Jeff Teper
  • Microsoft 365 Boot camp session about Microsoft Graph– Cameron Dwyer
  • General Availability of Microsoft Forms for personal use
  • Build advanced queries in Microsoft Graph with $count, $filter, $search, and $orderby – Beth Pan
  • Importing third-party platform messages to Microsoft Teams is now available in beta – Fabian Williams

Hello and welcome all to series “Last week in Microsoft 365”, this is the third video in this series in and we have 5 topics to be highlighted this week which I liked.

1. First one is a great news I saw on Twitter and Linked In from Jeff Teper that Microsoft Teams reached 115 million daily active users, it was at 75 million in April 2020. It is also clocking 30 billion collaboration minutes in a day. Surely COVID has helped this massive surge but Teams is one of the best things happened to us end users and also to Microsoft, it has taken the collaboration to next level. So Congrats to Microsoft for this feat and also to Jeff Teper and his team. I feel proud that I am one of the user and also have somehow helped in this growth journey.


2. Second topic is from Cameron Dwyer about a Microsoft 365 Boot camp session about Microsoft Graph, this session is highly recommended if you want to understand power of Microsoft Graph, it covers the steps to create an App, how authentication works and how to set it up in great detail, as I said don’t miss this if you want to learn about Microsoft Graph.


3. So the third one is General Availability of Microsoft Forms for personal use, I think this is a great addition as I have always found Microsoft Forms easy to use and create quiz etc. This can be replace some of other tools which are available in market. So now you can invite friends family to use this as well


4. The fourth one is I saw an announcement from Beth Pan regarding “Build advanced queries in Microsoft Graph with $count, $filter, $search, and $orderby” , the blog post seems to be from September but I saw that just few days back, but it explains how easy is to query using count, filter etc. Links:……

5. The last one today is an another announcement I saw from Fabian Williams about “Importing third-party platform messages to Microsoft Teams is now available in beta” , this means that you can now import third party messages into Teams if you are migrating to Teams. Links:………

Episode 1 Link:…

Episode 2 Link:

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Microsoft Teams Templates –What it is and how to work with it? Episode 2 – Let’s Learn a M365 topic

Learn how what is Microsoft Teams Templates , how to work with it?

Look at the video to understand:

Transcript of the video

Hello and welcome to the series ‘Let’s Learn a Microsoft 365 topic’, today’s topic is “Microsoft Teams Templates”. We will try to understand what it is , why it is important and how to work with it?

Before Teams was introduced we had/have “team site template” in SharePoint which was the place for collaboration and sharing files. Introduction of Teams has off course changed the way we collaborate for better.

The things we were missing till now was Templates because one Team cannot fit all and we definitely needed different sets of Templates.

Now as an end user you can select one template when you create a Team and as an Admin you can create multiple templates based on existing Team templates, create a new one from scratch or use an existing team to create a template.

So let’s have a look at all the options in the video.

Details of out to box templates available

  • Adopt Office 365: Help build, grow, and sustain your Champions community roll out by evangelizing and helping your peers with the new technology.
  • Manage a Project: Manage tasks, share documents, conduct project meetings and document risks and decisions with this template for general project management.
  • Manage an Event: Manage tasks, documents and collaborate on everything you need to deliver a compelling event. Invite guests users to have secure collaboration inside and outside of your company.
  • Onboard Employees: Improve your culture and streamline your employee onboarding with this central team for resources, questions and a bit of fun.
  • Organize Help Desk: Collaborate on documentation, policy and processes that support your helpdesk. Integrate your existing ticketing system or use our template to manage requests.
  • Collaborate on Patient Care: Streamline healthcare communication and collaboration within a ward, pod, or department. The template can be used to facilitate patient management, as well as the operational needs of a ward.
  • Collaborate on a Global Crisis or Event: Centralize collaboration for your crisis team across business units and help create business continuity plans, share remote working tips, track customer comms., and keep everyone in the loop with announcements, and news.
  • Collaborate within a Bank Branch: Centralize collaboration for your bank branch employees across Huddles, Customer Meetings, Business Processes such as Mortgage Collaboration, and keep everyone in the loop with Announcements and Kudos.
  • Coordinate Incident Response: Centralize communication and critical resources for your crisis management or incident response team. Within this team you can include many different types of files to help create a central place for all your documents. Use online meetings to improve information flow and situational awareness.
  • Hospital Streamline communication and collaboration between multiple wards, pods, and departments within a hospital. This template includes a set of base channels for hospital operations, and can be self extended to include specialties, ad-hoc.
  • Organize a Store: Bring your retail employees together in one central experience to manage tasks, share documents and resolve customer issues. Integrate additional applications to streamline shift start & end processes.
  • Quality and Safety Centralize communication, access to resources, and plant operations with a Manufacturing Plant team. Include policy and procedure documents, training videos, safety notices, shift handover processes.
  • Retail – Manager Collaboration: The Manager Collaboration template is ideal for creating a team for a set of managers to collaborate across stores/regions, etc. For example, if your organization has regions, you might create a Manager Collaboration team for the California Region and include all the store managers in that region, as well as the regional manager for that region.

There are three options to create a template:

1. Create a brand new template: Creates it from scratch

2. Use an existing Team as Template: If you have a team already existing you can use that create a template

3. Start with an existing template: You can start with an template which already exists by default or you have created before.

In the video you can see how to create a template and how to create a Team using the template

So ya that’s it in this video if you have any questions or suggestions please reach out to me in Twitter, Linked in or in YouTube comments, please share the video and subscribe the channel if you like it.

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Last week in Microsoft 365 – 15 Oct – 21 Oct 2020 – VLog 2

In this VLog I have covered following topics

  • 1.Building a Me-experience in Microsoft Teams by Waldek
  • 2.How to use Microsoft Teams Templates as end user and Admin – Paolo Pialorsi
  • 3.General Availability of Microsoft Graph Teams Membership API – Brian T Jackett
  • 4.Improved News / Page Publishing Exprience –Marc D Anderson
  • 5.Power Automate Desktop October 2020 update

Transcript of the video:

Hello and welcome all to series “Last week in Microsoft 365”, this is the second video in this series and we have 5 topics to be highlighted this week which I liked.

1. First one is the Building a Me-Experience in Microsoft Teams which I got to know from Waldek’s blog, as it says there is no “I” but Me in Microsoft Teams. Basically it explains how you can utilize SharePoint Framework to offer a Me-Experience where users can start their day seeing their personal information. The article explains each options in very detail. So how to do it

a. Embed a modern SharePoint page: this approach is great as it does not any coding and can be done by creating modern page with different web parts and embedding it as Teams tab

b. Build a multi tab personal teams app: this requires some coding effort but not so difficult as you can steps are quite self explanatory

c. Combine multiple web parts in single tab: This is same as before but you need to use React to combine multiple React components Link:……

2. Second topic is from Paolo Pialorsi where he explains how to use recently introduced Microsoft Teams templates as an end user and Admin. He walks you through all details of the how to create a template etc from Admin portal. He also explains how you can utilize Microsoft Graph explorer Link:……

3. So the third one is General Availability of Microsoft Graph Teams Membership API which I saw from a Tweet of Brian T Jackett, basically it is an announcement made regarding Microsoft Graph Team Membership APIs that is a newly added API which adds , removes users faster. As we can see the article was originally written by Abhishek Anand. Link:……

4. The fourth one is also regarding a roadmap announcement which I came to know more Marc D Andersson where we will have an improved expriences in which users needs to input mandatory fields before publishing a news or page. This is planned to be released in Oct 2020 Link:……

5. The last one today is related to Power Automate Desktop October 2020 update. Recently Microsoft has released Power Automate Desktop and lot of improvements will be released soon so here is a summary of all those. If you want to try Power Automate Desktop please refer to link pasted in description Link:……

Episode 1 Link:…

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Compare Trello with Planner from an end user point of view

First look comparison:

•User interface on the first look looks very similar and can both of them does similar things. •Both are based on Kanban board where bucket of Tasks can be created and check list, attachments etc can be added

Task creation:

Trello and Planner •Task creation method creation is very similar in both Trello and Planner with ability to create checklist, attachments, due dates, description etc

User assignment: In both a task can be assigned to more than one users

Checklist: Trello can have more than one Checklist in a Task and checklist item can be assigned to a person whereas Planner can have one checklist and cannot be assigned to someone. –Checklist is visible in card in Planner but not in Trello

Notification and tracking: Task notification are recieved by emails and activity feed in Planner whereas Trello has activity feed in the card itself and emails are sent to assigned users

Filter: Planner seems to have more option to filter and create views for Tasks

Other options: Trello has more options such as make template out of a task, watch etc but has some items such as copy , move same as Planner

Calendar View:

•Calendar view works more or less same except following points:

  • Planner has both start and end date while Trello only has Due date
  • Planner calendar can be viewed in Outlook as well while Trello calendar can be added as iCalendar
  • Planner also shows tasks on side if not assigned a date while Trello does not
  • In Trello Calendar view is not available by default and needs to be added as ”Power Up”

Progress view:

Planner has progress view but Trello does not have by default

Progress view of Planner


  • Trello and Planner work in very similar way
  • In comparison both have some plus and negative points but in broad level both can work in same way
  • It should not be extremely difficult to adpat to Planner if you are using Trello
  • If someone is paying extra license fee for Trello then maybe Planner is more suitable option if you have O365 license.

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Last week in Microsoft 365 – 07 Oct – 14 Oct 2020 – VLog 1

Topics covered in this Vlog

1.Vesa and Waldek’s 100th Episode of PnP Weekly

2.Scottish summit – call for speakers

3.One Admin Center for SharePoint and OneDrive

4.Cross platform PnP PowerShell preview version released by Erwin

5.App capabilities of Teams 6.Project Nucleus teaser

Transcript of the video:

Hello and Welcome everyone to very first Vlog of ”Last week in Microsoft 365”, since this is the first VLog ever I want to tell you what it is? In this series of videos I will be picking some of things I read or liked in Microsoft 365 area during last week and I will be telling you about in brief and if you like it you can find more about in the link pasted in YouTube video or in my blog post. So let’s gets started

1. First up is of course the champions of the community or I should say leaders of the community @vesajuvonen and @waldekm who finished 100th episode of their PnP weekly which was SP Dev Weekly when it started actually, If you would like to know the story of how it started you should listed or view the video (hint it points to one and only Chris Kent). They also discussed what is the purpose of these videos and it is very encouraging to know that they do this for the community to amplify their reach and also develop a bridge between community members and Microsoft. Do listen to this video highly recommended. Here is a link to it…

2. Number second is that Scottish Summit has been announced and call for speakers expires on 31st Oct so if you have a nice cool topic please submit it, most amazing thing about this summit is that it will have 250 sessions and that too in different languages such as English, Spanish, German, French, Mandarin and my own Hindi. Plus they also have a program for new speaker like me so if you are going to speak for the first time they will help you out. So what is that you are waiting for either send a session or buy the tickets? Register here:

3. Next up is the a Twitter announcement which I believe is important that there will be one admin center for SharePoint and OneDrive which of course make sense as both of them are so tied up so get ready for that one. Link:…

4. Next up is announcement by father of PnP PowerShell @erwinvanhunen, that is preview version of cross platform PnP PowerShell has been released. In his blog post he explains why it took so long and what are the key changes coming up. So if you are using PnP PowerShell for your work or you rely it on running scripts this is an important information, please reach out to him on Twitter or read the blog. Blog:…

5. Next one is something which widened my eyes when I looked into this on my Twitter feed, the picture. It shows all he App Capabilities of Teams which is fascinating as you can see it can do almost everything, right from embedded tabs, Bots, Messaging extensions, WebHooks and connectors as well so if you are planning to create an App for Teams do read this and understand what all can be achieved. All thanks to Bill Bliss (@bill_bliss ) for sharing this. Link to docs:… Tweet:…

6. Ok so the last one, and it is related to one of the big announcements which was mentioned in the Microsoft Ignite this year, that is Project Nucleus , as you are aware we got SharePoint Syntex out of Project Cortex and Nucleus was announced this year. A teaser of this was shown in SharePoint monthly community call – October 2020 at the end so if you would like to see just that part then find the link in YouTube video description or on my blog. So biggest thing you need to know that it allows web apps such as List to be available offline for browsing and editing capabilities. This teaser explains how it works and how they are doing it. It demonstrates a List with 100,000 items and also shows what happens in the backend and also how you can join Project Nucleus.

Video URL:

Microsoft 365 Lists – first look and overview

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What is Microsoft Lists? Refer to my old blog

Finally on 28th July 2020 Microsoft Lists have arrived in our tenants (10% targeted release), here is the icon and just click on it to access the Lists page.

Microsoft Lists icon
Microsoft Lists home page

What are the ways to create lists?

  1. You can create a blank list as we use to do like custom list in SharePoint.
  2. You can start with an existing excel which means that if you have excel you can use that create a list with same set of columns etc
  3. You can pick any one of the templates to create a list.
  4. You can also use an existing list of create a list which means you don’t have to start from scratch and any existing list can be used as template.

We will have a look at all these one by one but first let’s discuss templates.

What are the templates available and their usages?

  1. Issue Tracker: This to track issues, similar template is available in SharePoint as well, look at the video below how to create and what are the columns etc. You will notice that the interface is same as SharePoint Lists and also settings page is same so the learning curve is pretty small.
Microsoft Lists Issue Tracker Demo

2. Employee OnBoarding Template: Look at the video to understand what columns it has, this can be used for onboarding new employees or onboarding emoloyee transfers from one location to another or department

Microsoft Lists Onboarding template demo

3. Event Itinerary template demo: A lists to track series of events such as who is the speaker, location, number of people allowed etc, look at the video for more details

Microsoft Lists itinerary template demo

4. Asset Manager Template: This template can be used to manage assets if new assets needs to be assigned, transferred or an inventory of existing assets. All required columns like Serial number, manufacturer etc are already available, look at the video for more details

Microsoft Lists Asset Manager template demo

5. Recruitment Tracker: This template can be used to track recruitment candidates, has all options to store candidate information, who is the requester, for what role etc., look at the video to understand more.

Microsoft Lists Recruitment Tracker template demo

6. Travel Request Tracker: This can be used to track travel requests, it has all the columns you need, workflow of course can be created using Power Automate, good use of the “Location” column as users can enter location where they are travelling so you don’t need to maintain a list, flight cost, hotel cost etc, look at the video for details

Microsoft Lists Travel Tracker template demo

7. Work Progress Tracker: This template can be handy if you are managing a team or you are tracking different tasks, this template has all the columns you need such categorization, priority, start date , end date etc, look at the video for more details

Microsoft Lists Work Progress Tracker demo

8. Content Scheduler: This template can be used to track launch of content in your organization, it has all the columns you need such as Content type, author, publish date, content link etc, view the video to get more details

Microsoft Lists Content Scheduler template demo

Create a blank list: Use the same steps as before just use the option, blank list, it is more like a custom list we have in SharePoint and we can create columns as we wish. View the video for more details.

As you can see the experience is very similar as before and we have both modern way of creating ways also classic experience available with us, if you want to use metadata type it is also available.

Microsoft Lists Blank List demo

Create a List using an existing list: Use the same options as before just use the option existing list and you will be able to create a list out of an existing list. Benefit of this is that whatever customization with respect to columns, formatting and views you have done will be copied over. View the video for more details.

Create Microsoft Lists using an existing List

Create a List using an excel: If you have data in existing excel and you would like to turn it into Microsoft Lists then it can be easily done, view the video below.

Some points before you do this:

  1. There is a limit of number of rows for which data can be uploaded
  2. Your excel sheet needs to have data in “Table” format else it will not work and will give a message for the same.
  3. You can select multiple type of column type while uploading such as Single text, Multi text, Choice , Date time, Number , Currency depending on what data resides in the column or you can select not to upload data
  4. When you upload the excel it will be first uploaded to OneDrive and then list will be created, later it can be found in OneDrive.
  5. You have the ability to upload an excel from OneDrive as well.
  6. I also encountered an issue while uploading, I was not abe to save List under “My Lists” as it gave me this error “The Site does now allow Site Designs” so I had to share it in one of the SharePoint sites and then it worked.
  7. Your data along with columns will also be uploaded.

What happens when you create a list and how to create under SharePoint Site ?

If you will notice the List URL you will understand that the List App is actually running from your SharePoint My Site as we have our “OneDrive” running, a sample URL below so I believe all Lists are being created under your My Site. Check below URLs and you will understand. Anyhow our my sites are nothing but a SharePoint site so it makes sense to utilize them.

Main URL:

A specific URL:

You have the ability to save list under a SharePoint site when you create a list, instead of My Lists select SharePoint Site this will create the List under SharePoint site, a link will be added in menu automatically and also you can find under the Site Contents.

Create Microsoft Lists Under SharePoint Site

Create a List from existing SharePoint List: Yes this is true you can create Microsoft Lists using existing SharePoint List, check the below video for details. Basically you will have to use “From existing list” option and you can select SharePoint sites and it will show compatible Lists whuch can be used.

Create Microsoft Lists using SharePoint existing Lists

List formatting: List formatting is already available in same way as it is in SharePoint lists, you will also notice that for templates some columns already have formatting such as Progress column, for more information on Lists formatting visit here and

Microsoft Lists formatting sample

How to create a Rule in Microsoft Lists: Rule is a great idea introduced by Microsoft which works similar to List formatting but has much more, check the video below in which I highlight a column and also add an exclaimation icon based on specific condition and that too only via few clicks.

Create Rule for Microsoft Lists demo

How to access Microsoft Lists via PowerShell?

You can access Microsoft Lists just like any other list and I hope all kind of commands work, check below the screenshot to believe it

Microsoft Lists access via PowerShell

Sharing options in Microsoft Lists: When you create Microsoft Lists under My Lists it is accessible only by you so if you want to share with others you need to share with other persons. When you create under a SharePoint site then it will be accessible by SharePoint site users as well.

Share options in Microsoft Lists

You can also share individual items as well.

Integration options: This is a big topic so I just want to say few lines as it has all the abilities for extending the functionality using Microsoft Graph, Power Automate, PowerApps

How to access normal SharePoint List in Microsoft Lists way:

If you want to see the new Microsoft Lists experience in any modern SharePoint list, go to the URL and append this query string after AllItems.aspx like this. AllItems.aspx?env=WebViewList

Credit goes to this tweet:

Summary: This is a great decision from Microsoft to introduce Lists as a standalone App, it will provide a great value. It has huge capabilities which I have not been able to cover all things but I will do this in subsequent blogs.

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Add SharePoint on premise site as a tab in Microsoft Teams

Currently there is no integration available to add a SharePoint on premise library or site as storage like we have a connected SharePoint online with Microsoft Teams.

I don’t think a feature like this will be released soon as well but there is an easy way to add a library or site as Website tab in any Teams.

This of course does not provide you seamless integration but atleast provides you access to on premise SharePoint site or library inside Teams.

You can view this small video to understand how to do it, you can add any website SharePoint site, library or any other site

Add website as tab in Microsoft Teams

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