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In this video I talk / highlight five topics from Microsoft 365

1. Free Microsoft Certification Renewals: Christmas came early as Microsoft as how you can renew your Microsoft Certifications from next year Feb 2021, more details here:…

2. Microsoft Teams: List all Teams, Team Members and Team Channels – Patrick Gruenauer A simple PowerShell script from Patrick where he explains how to get all Teams, Onwers and users, more information here…

3. Import SharePoint to Dataverse for Teams with Power Automate – Shane Young: A great video from Shane Young where he explains in very detail how to copy data from SharePoint to Dataverse using Power Automate, this is a very practical scernario which I think we gonna use a lot in future, more information here:…

4. New ways to connect SharePoint to Microsoft Teams Great improvements from Microsoft around SharePoint connection in Microsoft Teams, more information here:…

5. Announcing public preview of the Microsoft Teams Activity Feed API on Microsoft Graph, more information here:… #Microsoft #MicrosoftGraph

#PowerAutomate #MicrosoftTeams #SharePoint #Dataverse #PowerShell #MicrosoftCertifications

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